I Vow To…. During My 30th Year on This Planet

Today is my 29th birthday. At a time where {most} my age are settling down, marrying, advancing their careers and reproducing I am…… well not doing any of those things. In honor of my last 20-something birthday I reflected on some changes I want to make over the next 12 months.

I Vow To……

Travel Often

Near and far. Foreign and domestic. Long and short. Solo and with others. In the air, on the road, or over the rails. I vow to make travel a priority.

Practice Self Care

Taking care of my self allows me to take care of others better. Serving others and helping them live an active life is my passion- it’s why I am a certified athletic trainer. However, in all the hustle and bustle it becomes easy to forget to care for ourselves. It seems selfish to take time to do what we want when other need us. In the end though, filling our cup allows us to pour into others. From a single square of dark chocolate to a day doing solely what I want to do, I vow to practice self care.

Get this Blog Going

The third time is a charm right? This is currently my third attempt at blogging and while I have made progress in getting this site up, I still have a long way to go. I vow to put forth the effort to get this long standing dream of mine up and running at full capacity.

Go Back to the Gym

Summer 2016 was supposed to be a time of intense gym sessions that focused on trying new methods, perfecting my power lifts and working on muscle imbalances. Instead its been the summer of injuries and setbacks. I absolutely love my gym and miss my fit family. I vow to get back into the gym and push forward with my fitness plans.

Obtain a New Certification

Depending on what circles you run in, the word certification can be frowned upon. Some believe it shows you know your stuff. Others believe it shows you coughed up a lot of money to someone for a piece of paper and a title. I personally believe certifications show that you have learned required material and have the most bare bones knowledge on a specific topic. At this point I am still not sure which certification I want to move forward with but I do know that I want it to be something that diversifies my career portfolio. I vow to invest in my career and myself.

Do the Hard Things

Every day we are faced with a million decisions and recently I have found that I am taking the easy road a bit too much. Its easier to binge watch Netflix then it is to be creative and write a blog post. Its easier to go to a rest and restore yoga class then go fight the crowds at the gym. Its easy to stay home and dream. Its hard to go live those dreams. Hard is rarely easy but it’s worth it. That’s why this year, I vow to do the hard things.

Take More Pictures

Confession I have seen and done some amazing things but fading memories are all the proof I have. In this digital age where we all carry cameras in our pockets, I vow to take more pictures.

Perfect My Selfie

As cool and interesting as those pictures will be, my friends and family deserve to see how happy I am in that moment. I’ve noticed over the last few months that when my family can see that genuine smile on my face, they have a better understanding and accept my love for solo adventures. I vow to prefect my selfie to document in the moment exactly how amazing the experience is at that moment.

I Vow To.... In My 30th Year of Life

Improve My Spanish

Being able to understand a communicate while traveling makes things a little bit easier. Being able to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak english when their child is injured, helps easy the stress of the situation. Being able to learn new, difficult things is good for us as adults. I have 3 years of Spanish education under my belt and can understand it a little bit. I would love to be able to carry on a conversation in Spanish. Spanish skills will also come in handy when I take an awesome road trip like this couple. With big dreams in mind, I vow to improve my Spanish conversation skills.

To Be Present but Prepared.

I am a planner. Up until a few months ago I would plan little small details months in advance. As I have invested more time into my yoga practice, I have begun to better understand what it means to live in the moment. Living in the moment doesn’t mean you have to forgo think about what the next steps are or prepare for the future. It does mean that if you set your intention and take the steps you can to ensure success, then more often than not you will be successful. Time and time again I have learned an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of comfort later. This is why I vow to be present in the moment, but prepared for what might be to come.

I Will Remember:

There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Solo

I have always been an independent person and never really had any personal issues with that. However, I am always amazed at the negative comments some people will make simply because they lack the self-confidence to do what I am doing.I will not react to other people’s personal fears. I will remember there is nothing wrong with being solo.

I Would Rather Have a Good Life Then a Good Career

One day while job searching for the 6th year in a row I had a lightbulb moment. As much as I loved my profession, I was done chasing the “next” big job or promotion. I wanted to have a good life full of memories and amazing people. I don’t want to look back on my life and every highlight be tied to a job. As difficult as it is to pass up the perks of a salaried position, I will remember a good life is and will always be more important than a good career.

Budgets Mean Freedom, Not Restrictions

In order to travel, have time to build a business, and do some home improvements, I need to stick to the budget I have set up. In the past I’ve been really good a sticking to a budget. In recent years though I’ve relied on that salary pay check a little to heavy. I knew even if I didn’t have the money this week, I would next week. The life of a small business owner and part-time employee is a little less predictable though. I will remember budgets allow me the freedom to travel and do the different things I want to do. I will remember it does not impose restrictions, it simply shows I allocated my funds to something else.

Everyone Has a Story

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in healthcare and through travel is that everyone has a story. Some stories are more adventurous than others. Some stories are sadder then others. Some stories offer hope and inspiration while others remind us to be thankful and grateful. Learning the story of those around us helps us related to them better. It allows us to really care for and about the people in front of us. Given this, I will remember everyone has a story.

To Break Busy

Have you ever read a book and felt like every word resonated within your soul? Most recently, Alli Worthington’s book Breaking Busy gave me that feeling. Alli is raw and honest about her struggles to follow God’s word. She shares what happens when she gets too busy and tries to do everything on her own. Alli reminds me that sometimes we have to take leaps of faith and worry about the logistics later. She reminded me that busy does not always equal productive. She reinforced that it is perfectly okay to say no to traditions and expectations if they no longer align with our values and goals. That is why, I will always remember to break busy.

I Vow To... Cover photo

Your Turn: Have you ever made any birthday resolutions? Whose read Breaking Busy?

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