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I am so happy you are here! Simply JessaLynn is where I share adventures in living the good life, simply. You can expect posts on frugal travel, car camping, simple living and trying to simply be myself. This blog fits somewhere between the lifestyle niche with frugal tendencies and the travel blog for those of us who work 40 hours a week at a brick and mortar. Simply, this blog is me sharing all of the glorious experiences, lessons, and trials I’ve had. This blog is designed to inspire. This blog is designed to educate and empower. This blog is designed to motivate. This blog is designed to be your new favorite online hang out.

About Me:

About Simply JessaLynn

I am a born and raised native of Kansas City, Missouri. I spent a few years in temporary situations while I completed my masters degree and gained professional experience but in the end, Crown Town is home.

Frugal Travel–  A deep love for travel was planted in my heart at a young age. More recently, I set a goal to see every national park in the United States and leaving the United States once a year. I find traveling to be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. It encourages me to push outside my comfort zone and try new, exciting things. By traveling on a budget, I can see more and not worry about the credit card bill when I get home.

 Car Camping–  Also known as wanna be van life! Since 2014 I have been fascinated by the opportunities associated with sleeping in your vehicle; beautiful locations, cost-effective, and without the gross cheap hotel rooms.  Over the last few years I have picked up some helpful tips and tricks that allow me to full enjoy “camping” in the comfort of my own hybrid car.

Simple Living–  What does that term exactly mean? That’s a good questions. To me it means focusing on the important things and letting the others go. It means putting my 24 hours each day to the bet use. That mean’s exploring concepts such as a capsule wardrobe, minimalist living, meal prepping, and reducing the number of decisions I have to make in any given day.

Simply Myself- Like many millennials I grew up with a lot of expectations placed upon me. I was given an order of life events and expected to check them off one by one. Throughout my twenties I made real progress on the list- I had 3 advanced degrees, owned a house, had minimal debt, and a good career.  Life was great but I wasn’t happy.

Slowly over time, I started to make changes. Little changes here and there until I arrived at a point where I wasn’t unhappy anymore. Along the way I lost some friends, was asked to resign from a job I loved, and gave up on progressing forwards on that list. I had many questioning if I was crazy or if I had a secret lover (solo travel problems). The answer is yes to both only the lover is myself! The reality is that I have committed to being simply the best version of myself that I can be on any given day.


Welcome to Simply JessaLynn

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