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Experiencing Colorado Springs On A Budget

{After a nasty bicycle wreck, I broke my iPhone and lost all of my Colorado Springs photos. Read on for helpful info, and please excuse my lack of photos. }

After exporting Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, I headed down to Colorado Springs to cap off my trip. Growing up, my family visited Colorado Springs twice but we never did the active/hiking/ exploring type adventures. This trip was solely about crossing off some of those adventures that I didn’t do as a kid. After some research I opted to take a bike tour down Pikes Peak and spend an evening hiking at Garden of the Gods. Check out my full recap and a lodging recommendation below.

Exploring Colorado Springs on a Budget/ Where to Stay, what to do/ Simply JessaLynn

Hiking Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is arguably one of those “must see” Colorado Springs spots. As a child I remember being in awe of the formations and the longing to hike the trails. I arrived in Colorado Springs late afternoon on a Friday and choose to hit the park for a sunset hike.

I hiked up a hill and found a peaceful spot for journaling and reflecting. Garden of the Gods attracts a large number of visitors every year and is usually quite crowded. However the park is so large, visitors are still able to enjoy their time exploring